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Die Young & Save Yourself

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Keep the noise low, She doesn’t want to blow it.
I'm George.
I am but 15.
From Northeast England.

Shaking head to toe while your left hand does the show me around
My favourite bands include people who love their music.
I love my bass guitar.
I am more interested in the song not the singer.

Quickens your heartbeat, It beats me straight into the ground
I love taking photographs.
I love being in photographs.
I'm going to be a famous photographer and meet Bob Rose one day.

You don’t recover from a night like this.
I'm scared of dentists.
And of being forgotten.
But most of all I'm scared of the dark.

A victim, still lying in bed - completely motionless.
I'm outgoing and generous.
Kinky and dangerous.
But right now I'm in love.

A hand moves in the dark to a zipper.
I love my friends.
They mean the world to me.
I also love pretending to sex them in public places.

Hear a boy bracing tightagainst sheets barely whisper,
Fake Fakes need shooting.
Bang. Bang. Bang.
Comment and add me.

This is so messed up.
I'm so fake I'm real


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